This year give the gift of a Great Outdoor Pizza Oven!


Q. How do I know what oven is best for my lifestyle and space?

A. Selecting the best outdoor pizza oven for your living space and lifestyle is many times dictated by whether you live in a home or apartment and what kind of outdoor space you have to work with. We have an outdoor pizza oven for every situation — review our Buyer’s Guide to find the right choice for you! We want everyone to experience the joy of making great pizzas at home to enjoy with friends and family!

Q. Can I use my wood-fired oven for indoors and outdoors?

A. Certain ovens can be used indoors. Please contact us for more details so we can assist you in finding the right oven that will best fit your needs.

Q. What kind of wood do I have to use?

A. We recommend using hardwood for our outdoor wood-fired ovens. A mixture of oak, apple, and ash is ideal to use. It’s important that the wood and kindling be dry — kiln-dried wood is the best. The moisture levels of the wood should be at no more or less than 20%. Below 20% means the wood is extremely dry and will burn quickly. Over 20% moisture leads to less heat and a lot of black smoke.

Q. Is an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven made just for cooking pizza only or can I cook other foods?

A. Wood-fired ovens are not limited to just pizza. You can cook anything that you cook in your home oven. Keep an eye on our blog for recipes on cooking chicken, steak, vegetables, and more. Please feel free to share your own recipes!

Q. On what surface can I safely place my wood-fired oven?

A. Depends on which oven you purchase, most ovens can be placed on an outdoor counter. It’s not a good idea to place the wood-fired oven on any wooden surfaces — we recommend stainless steel or a granite or concrete slab. If you choose granite, make sure to use a ceramic board under the oven. Consult with your granite dealer for further assistance or call our technical team for help.

Q. If I cook other foods in the oven and spill juices or sauces on the oven floor, what will happen?

A. Most drippings should be fine and will burn up in the heat.

Q. How do you clean the oven?

A. To clean inside the oven, use a brush. Brush the ashes and debris to the back of the oven. Some ovens have ash drawers — in that case, you will brush the ashes into the drawer and empty it when full. If your oven does not have an ash drawer, you can use a metal dust pan and a brush to clean the floor.

Before you discard any ashes, make sure that the oven and ashes have cooled down. To prevent any fire hazards, discard ashes the day after using your oven. Always discard ashes in a metal bucket.

To clean the outside of the oven, clean the arch with stainless cleaner like Barkeepers Friend cleanser and go with the gain of the stainless steel. Use this cleaner for the arch of the oven only. Clean the rest of the body with a stainless steel cleaner.

Q. How long does it take for the oven to heat up?

A. This depends on which portable wood-fired pizza oven you purchased. Most ovens take 25 to 45 minutes to heat up to the desired temperature. For specifics, please read the product description of the oven you’re interested in.

Q. Can the oven stay outdoors all year long?

A. You can keep the oven outdoors. However, we do recommend you cover the oven during winter months or snowy season. You can find a cover for all ovens here at Great Outdoor Pizza Ovens Company. When purchasing a cover for your oven, make sure to buy a cover that fits from the chimney to the ground.

Q. What kind of cooking utensils do you recommend?

A. Most of the ovens at the Great Outdoor Pizza Ovens Company come with optional utensil accessories on the product page. We also carry them separately on our pizza oven accessories page.

Q. Where are your ovens made?

A. Most of our ovens are either made in America, Italy, or the UK. We also have a select collection of high-quality ovens that are designed in America, Italy, or the UK but are manufactured using strict quality control in China. We do not sell low-quality ovens because they do not last, and we want every Great Outdoor Pizza Ovens Company customer to be a satisfied lifelong customer. If you are in doubt about the origin of your outdoor oven, please contact us to verify before you buy.

Q. How long does it take to assemble the oven?

A. Most of our ovens come pre-assembled except for the chimney, and they are very easy to set up. Other ovens, including our DIY kits, are for the oven enthusiast who is building a permanent custom outdoor kitchen.

Q. How many people do I need to carry the oven?

A. Depending on the oven you are planning on buying, they range in weight between 50 to 1500 pounds. Please review the weight and size dimensions located on each product page and make sure that you have the space and foundation needed to hold the weight. On average, two strong people should be able to carry most of our pre-assembled ovens. The DIY kits come in multiple pieces, so one to two people can carry all the segments easily.

Q. Do I need to hire help to assemble the oven?

A. Most of our pizza ovens come assembled except for the chimney. The chimney is secured on top of the oven by several screws. You might need help in the placement of your oven. For one of our outdoor pizza oven kits, you may need help in securing some of the module pieces.

Q. Who will be delivering my oven?

A. Depending on the size and weight of the ovens, they will either ship out via freight carriers such as UPS or by Freight Carrier. UPS typically handles the smaller models while Freight Carrier delivers the larger options.

Q. Will the carrier call me to set up an appointment?

A. Yes. Prior to delivery, the carrier will contact you at the number you provide. They will set up a time with you for delivery.

Q. Do I have to be at home the day of the delivery?

A. Someone has to be home to sign for the shipment. If the driver attempts to deliver and no one is home, a re-delivery charge of $80 will be applied. The freight company will contact us to notify us that the customer was not at home, and we will call you for the re-delivery charge. Then, the freight company or other shipping service will attempt to re-deliver your purchase.

Q. Can someone else other than me sign for the delivery?

A. Yes, you can have any person sign for the delivery, even your neighbor.

Q. What shall I expect on the delivery date?

A. Upon delivery, the freight carrier will bring your oven to your residence. They will unload it from the truck via a lift-gate and place it in your driveway.

Q. Can I expect the freight carrier to place it on my deck or in my backyard?

A. No. The drivers are not responsible nor are paid to place your oven in your backyard or on your deck. All of our ovens are designed to be able to be moved and placed by two or more able-bodied people.

Q. If I don’t like the oven can I return it?

A. It is important to make sure you have done the research and measured the space and requirements needed to enjoy your Great Outdoor Pizza Oven. While we do accept returns or exchanges within 30 days of delivery, the added shipping charges to return the oven can be burdensome, so we really want you to be sure the oven you select matches your lifestyle needs.

Outdoor pizza ovens are big purchases and big items, but they will last a lifetime. The Great Outdoor Pizza Oven Company insures every delivery, and if a product is damaged in transit, we will certainly rectify the issue and either send a replacement or a new part to replace what was damaged. We stand by our customer service and we want you to be happy with your purchase decision. Please see our shipping and return policy for more details.

Q. Do I need training to learn how to operate?

A. We are continually adding new training and educational videos to our blog and how-to sections of our website. If you need any help, please contact us, and we will help you.

Learning how to make great pizza in your own outdoor pizza oven can be exciting as try different recipes and techniques! Soon, we will be offering pizza making classes that you can attend!