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The ROSSOFUOCO New Product Line

The Great Outdoor Pizza Ovens Company is excited to bring you our exclusive new Product Line Direct from the Artisans in Italy, the ROSSOFUOCO.

The distinctive feature of a Rossofuoco wood burning oven is its “separated combustion system” developed by high-qualified professionals and technicians.

This system is a feature of each of Rossofuoco dual chamber ovens. It preserves the flavor of your food all while providing an exclusive heat circulating system making the products easy and safe to use above all for the temperature control and during the ignition.

"Perhaps few people know the importance that the wood-fired oven had in the Italian culinary tradition.The women of pleasant families cooked in the wood ovens bread, meats, desserts and many other genuine delicacies. The fame in the world of Italian cuisine was born thanks to those women and their wood ovens. Today, modern wood-burning ovens give everyone the opportunity to rediscover those ancient flavors in a really simple way."


100% Made in Italy with a 5 Year Warranty!

Rossofuoco’s products are renowned for their reliability, for great range of models that meet every need, without disappointing any expectations. Many reasons that justify the full recognition of our company, in Italy and all over the world. By choosing a Rossofuoco’s oven you buy a product entirely made in Italy, with quality and reliability of all materials used, verified in every production step.

The Great Outdoor Pizza Ovens Company carries five distinct wood burning models, with two of the five models also available in gas.

From the large and majestic looking Piu Trecento model to the elegant small footprint Mino, we have a model for everyone.

Free Shipping, Free Tool Kit!

As all our customers know, the Great Outdoor Pizza Ovens service and products always include free shipping and now all ROSSOFUOCO's include a free toolkit! (varies by model)

See all the Models on our website at.

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Order today to lock in current pricing with delivery expected around November 1, just in time for the Holidays!

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