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Creating a Pizza Oven Together as a Family

Creating a pizza oven together as a family is a fantastic bonding activity!
Whether you're aiming for a wood-fired, clay, or brick oven, the process can be both rewarding and fun.
Here are some DIY pizza oven plans to consider:
1. Outdoor Pizza Oven from HowToSpecialist:
   - This outdoor pizza oven is part of a full outdoor kitchen area. It requires cutting bricks to size and leaving the mortar to dry before completing the rest of the plan. The end result will be a monument to your achievements! 
2. Instructables Insulated Clay Pizza Oven Plans:
   - This design uses terracotta tiles as insulating material under the oven floor, saving costs compared to expensive refractory bricks. The rustic look of recycled bricks for the exterior complements garden settings beautifully. The dome shape circulates heat around the oven. 
3. Sunset Classic Adobe Oven:
   - Made from sun-baked clay in a beehive shape, this traditional adobe oven hails from the American Southwest. Build a fire inside, let it die down, and then cook on top of it. 
4. The Cob Oven Project:
   - Another cob oven design using an adobe soil mix for the hard outer shell. Modify the design to fit your needs, and enjoy mouthwatering pizzas. 
5. Backyard Pizza Oven Plans from Food Truck Empire:
   - This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for constructing a wood-fired pizza oven under $100. From forming the oven to assembling the floor and chimney, it's a rewarding project. 
6. DIY Wood Fired Perlite/Cement Pizza Oven:
   - In this video, you'll find a simple idea for building a pizza oven using a yoga ball and basic supplies. It's a creative approach worth exploring! 
You can order a DIY Pizza Oven Kit direct from The Outdoor Pizza Ovens Company at:
Remember, the joy of creating something together will make your homemade pizzas taste even better! 🍕🔥