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Best Flours for Different Types of Pizza

The choice of flour for your pizza crust depends on the style you want.
Let's explore the best flours for different types of pizza:
1. Classic Pizza Crust:
   - All-purpose flour is your go-to for a basic pizza crust.
It yields a crispy bottom, a touch of chewiness, and enough strength to support toppings without getting floppy.
With an 11.7% protein content, it forms a robust gluten network, resulting in a versatile crust that works well for various baking needs.
2. Thick, Chewy Pan Pizzas:
   - For hearty pan pizzas with thick, puffy crusts, opt for bread flour.
It boasts a higher protein content (12.7%) than all-purpose flour, leading to more gluten formation.
This stretchy dough creates a puffy, airy crust with plenty of chew.
Bread flour is ideal for pan pizza recipes like:
     - Detroit-Style Pizza
     - Pan Pizza
3. Crispy, Bubbly Neapolitan-Style Pizza:
   - If you crave a crispy, bubbly exterior and a puffy, airy interior, consider using '00' pizza flour (Italian-style).
This finely milled flour is perfect for high-heat Neapolitan pizzas.
While it's best for real pizza ovens, it still works well in regular home ovens. Its protein content is around 12-13%.
Remember, each flour brings its unique characteristics to your pizza, so choose based on your desired outcome. Happy pizza-making! 🍕🔥