This year give the gift of a Great Outdoor Pizza Oven!

Add an outdoor oven to improve your real estate value

In today’s competitive real estate market, homeowners are doing everything they can to add value to their homes - are you? It takes a lot more than simply renovating your kitchen and bathroom; you need to give your home a perk or advantage that others in your market do not have. This makes your property more appealing to buyers, setting it apart from others, and giving them a reason to put in an offer that is equal to, or higher than your asking price.
Installing an outdoor pizza oven is the perfect way to entice buyers while adding to the value of your home.

While outdoor pizza ovens are becoming increasingly popular, other homes in your market are unlikely to have them. Adding one to your home before, or shortly after you
decide to sell is a great way to give your home appeal above all others. Buyers are constantly looking for a unique touch; something that makes the home they want to buy more special than others. Pizza oven kits are a great way to add just that. 

Add to Backyard Appeal
The biggest advantage of installing outdoor pizza ovens is the appeal they add to your backyard. Those who entertain frequently are always looking for new and interesting ways to add to their yard’s charm. An outdoor pizza oven is a fantastic choice! This gives your yard something those who love to entertain may find incredibly useful. You can up the appeal factor even further by placing the oven in a location in your yard that lends itself well to social gatherings, such as on a deck or on the lawn surrounded by chairs. Or, include it in a new patio design. 

Include it in your décor to make it look as though it naturally belongs in your yard. Buyers want to envision themselves in the homes they view, and nothing helps make a person feel more at home than imagining all of the entertaining they may do with friends and family. Installing an outdoor pizza oven also adds to the enjoyment you get from your home while you are still living there. You yourself can entertain friends and family, host pizza nights for your kids and their friends, or add a delicious pizza to your outdoor family game night plans.

Having memories like these impacts how you treat your home, which in turn does impact its value. Repeated studies show that individuals who loved their old homes receive a higher value when they go to sell, than those who disliked where they lived, or simply did not care.

You can assemble your own pizza oven to custom-fit inside your newly renovated patio, or you can strategically place a pre-assembled kit.
Buying a fully assembled pizza oven kit can save you time, especially if you do not have the budget to do a full patio renovation. You can buy an assembled pizza oven that suits your space, and which compliments your landscape.
Other backyard improvements, such as adding figurines or expensive flowers, may not pay off in the end, because they are not practical, and hard to upkeep. A pizza oven, however, is universally appealing thanks to its primary use: making food.

Homeowners looking to add value to their properties should strongly consider outdoor pizza ovens as the perfect solution.


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